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Revolutionise your outdoor spaces with POLYGROW, a leading manufacturer specialising in top-quality PVC covers.


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and premium materials ensure unmatched durability and performance across diverse applications. Whether you're safeguarding retail areas or creating sheltered spaces, POLYGROW has you covered.


Benefit from superior UV resistance, exceptional tear strength. Experience the perfect blend of innovation and precision that sets POLYGROW apart. Choose reliability and cost-effectiveness for your diverse needs. Elevate your projects with our premium solutions – because when it comes to quality, POLYGROW leads the way!

Contact us today to discuss your requirements. 

Standard Cover Types 

Solid Colour PVC 

Ideal for storage buildings, workshops & poultry buildings where no natural light is required. 

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Coloured PVC with Translucent Strip

Ideal for agricultural, industrial & horticultural buildings which require a percentage of natural light to enter. 

Translucent PVC 

Ideal for garden centres, walkways, canopies & workshops which require as much natural light as possible  

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