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Poly-Therm EVO AC Pro is our top of the range, 8 layer, UV open, anti condensation, medium diffusing polytunnel film.

The anti-condenation properties of this polythene lasts the life of the polythene, as the chemical is non migratory and does not leech.

Other polythenes' will lose this property within the first year of use.

Water drops can lose up to  40% of light transmission!  This Anti Condensation property will last probably the life of the film as it’s a layer not a migratory chemical. 

It is fact that glass and other polythenes can block UV light below certain levels (350nms). This has knock on affects such as:


- The ability for plants to photosynthesize effectively.

- Pollinators are effectively blind due to large parts of there visible spectrum being                missing or unavailable to them, this therefore makes them ineffective.


Being UV open, Poly-Therm Pro ensures that colours in the plant are more vibrant, particularly reds and blues and fruits are higher ani-oxidants. A further benefit is that having outdoor levels of UV give thicker cell walls and therefore greater disease resistance.

Diffusion in polythene ensure that light is scattered throughout the polytunnel which results in plants being more compact, with a stronger root system, and delivering higher yield.

Poly-Therm EVO AC Pro 9.20m Wide

PriceFrom £12.57
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