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Introducing Pro-Therm Polythene, our premium 8-layer polytunnel film designed for optimal performance. This UV-open material boasts anti-condensation properties that endure throughout its lifespan, thanks to a non-migratory chemical composition that prevents leaching. In contrast, competing polythenes typically lose this crucial feature within the initial year of use, causing up to a 40% reduction in light transmission due to water droplets.


The longevity of Pro-Therm's anti-condensation attribute, attributed to its layered structure rather than a migratory chemical, ensures sustained effectiveness over the film's entire lifespan. Unlike glass and other polythenes that can block UV light below certain levels (350nms), Pro-Therm Polythene remains UV open. This quality has significant implications, such as enhancing plant photosynthesis, preventing pollinators from being visually impaired due to missing portions of their visible spectrum, rendering them ineffective.


By allowing outdoor levels of UV light, Pro-Therm Polythene promotes vibrant plant colors, especially reds and blues, and contributes to higher antioxidant levels in fruits. Additionally, its UV openness fosters thicker cell walls, leading to increased disease resistance. The diffusion feature ensures that light scatters uniformly throughout the polytunnel, resulting in more compact plants, a robust root system, and ultimately, a higher yield.

Pro-Therm Polythene 9.20m Wide

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