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The Home-Grown - Classic (3.50m)

We have designed the strongest, affordable domestic polytunnel. ensuring you have the confidence to buy a tunnel that will stand up to the harshest of weather.


Our Home-Grown Polytunnel Includes as Standard:

- Pressure Treated Timbers: - We will only supply pressure treated 75 x 50mm timbers for our gable frames and side rails.
- Triple Ridge: - For extra protection against wind and adds extra stability to your polytunnel.

- Wide Door Opening: - We supply, as standard, a single sliding door to the front of the polytunnel. At 1.20m wide, our single sliding door opening allows for you to access your polytunnel with a wheelbarrow with ease. We also offer a 2.40m double door opening on this size tunnel, further easing access and ventilation.

- Ground Tube Foundations: - Our foundations require a hole to be dug and filled with concrete to secure to the ground. If you are installing onto a concrete pad, you can opt for baseplates instead.

- Sliding Doors: - Hinged doors are susceptible to wind, causing damage to your polythene and gable frames if allowed to swing free. With low-profile sliding doors, this worry is no more.

- Side Vents: If you require further ventilation, you may want to have side vents with blind. Our side vents, on this structure comprise of a monofilament mesh, sewn to a PVC skirt with a manually operated, gearbox driven polythene curtain.


PriceFrom £695.71
Excluding Sales Tax
  • We also offer install on all structures. 

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