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Preventing Bird Damage To Your Polytunnel

Birds can be a common problem in polytunnels, as they can damage fruit and vegetables, and make a mess by leaving droppings. Here are a few ways to prevent birds from damaging your polytunnel:

  1. Netting: One of the most effective ways to prevent birds from damaging your polytunnel is to cover the plants with bird netting. This can be placed over the polytunnel or individual plants. Make sure that the netting is securely fastened to the polytunnel frame to prevent birds from getting in.

  2. Reflective tape or ribbons: Using reflective materials such as shiny tape or ribbons can also deter birds, as they are disturbed by the flashes of light. This can be used in conjunction with netting to add an extra level of protection.

  3. Noise makers: Some birds are deterred by loud noises, you can use things like bird alarms, that emit a loud and high-pitched sound that is unpleasant for birds, but will not harm them.

  4. Decoys: Using decoys such as plastic birds of prey can help to deter birds, as they believe that the area is already occupied by predators.

  5. Planting cover crops: Some cover crops, like sunflowers, are known to deter birds as they provide food source that birds prefer and can keep birds away from other food source.

  6. Remove perches: Remove branches or other perches that birds can use to access the polytunnel, such as nearby trees or shrubs. This will make it harder for birds to get inside.

  7. Professional help: If birds are causing significant damage and other methods are not effective, you can contact a professional bird control service for assistance.

It's important to note that most of the methods to deter birds will require regular maintenance, and some will need to be applied every season or when birds are most active. Also, it's worth mentioning that it's illegal to harm or kill wild birds in most places, so make sure to check the regulations and laws of your area before taking any action.

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