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Polygrow: Your Trusted Source for High-Quality Horticultural Polythene

Updated: Feb 17


Horticultural polythene, a vital component in modern agriculture and horticulture, plays a crucial role in crop protection, growth enhancement, and maintaining optimal growing conditions. Have you ever wondered how this versatile material is manufactured and where you can obtain it? In this blog, we will explore the intriguing journey of horticultural polythene production and introduce you to Polygrow, your trusted supplier of this essential agricultural plastic.

What is Horticultural Polythene?

Horticultural polythene, also known as greenhouse film or agricultural plastic, is a versatile plastic film made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE). It boasts unique properties ideal for agricultural and horticultural applications, such as protecting crops from harsh weather, regulating temperature and humidity, and controlling pests. Its flexibility in terms of thickness and transparency allows it to cater to a variety of agricultural needs.

The Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing horticultural polythene is a complex process that demands precision and strict quality control. It's a journey that begins with LDPE resin and culminates in a product that meets the high standards of the agricultural industry. Here is a brief overview of the manufacturing process:

1. Polymerization: The process starts with the polymerization of ethylene gas, which leads to the creation of LDPE resin. The quality of this resin is paramount, as it directly influences the strength and durability of the final film.

2. Extrusion: The LDPE resin undergoes extrusion, where it is melted and processed into a continuous, flat sheet. This sheet will ultimately become the horticultural polythene film.

3. Blending and Additives: Various additives, including UV stabilizers for sun protection, anti-fog agents, and colorants for different agricultural applications, are blended into the LDPE resin during the extrusion process to enhance the film's performance.

4. Cooling and Shaping: As the molten LDPE is extruded, it is rapidly cooled using chilled rollers or water-cooled baths. This cooling stage helps set the film's properties and thickness, and it can be shaped and cut into the desired width.

5. Quality Control: Stringent quality control measures ensure the film meets industry standards. Parameters such as thickness, strength, and other properties are meticulously examined and assessed, with any defects or irregularities promptly addressed.

6. Winding and Cutting: Once the horticultural polythene film meets the required specifications, it is wound onto large rolls for convenient storage and transportation. It can also be cut into smaller rolls or sheets to meet the specific needs of farmers and growers.

Polygrow: Your Reliable Source

When it comes to sourcing high-quality horticultural polythene, look no further than Polygrow. As a reputable and trusted supplier, Polygrow offers a wide range of agricultural plastics, including greenhouse films and mulch films, to cater to various horticultural needs. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that you receive a product that meets your specific requirements, whether you're looking for greenhouse coverings, mulching solutions, or crop protection films.


Horticultural polythene, a remarkable product of advanced manufacturing processes, plays an indispensable role in modern agriculture and horticulture. Its ability to protect and nurture plants while optimizing crop yields has revolutionized the industry. Polygrow, a reliable supplier of high-quality horticultural polythene, makes it accessible to farmers and growers seeking to enhance their crop production. Understanding the intricate manufacturing process and having a trusted supplier like Polygrow is crucial in our quest for sustainable and efficient food production. From greenhouse coverings to mulching and crop protection, Polygrow has you covered with top-notch horticultural polythene solutions.

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