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Industrial Polytunnels: environmentally aware and economically effective

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Polytunnel canopies are a type of greenhouse structure made from a metal frame covered with a durable, UV-resistant polyethylene film. Typically used in agriculture, these canopies create a controlled environment for plants and livestock to thrive. However, commercial companies, including Motorpoint, have ingeniously adapted this technology for use in their operations, reaping both environmental and operational benefits.

Environmental Benefits:

Energy Efficiency: Polytunnel canopies help companies to optimise energy usage by harnessing natural sunlight.

This not only reduces the need for artificial lighting but also minimizes the carbon footprint associated with traditional energy sources.


Rainwater Harvesting:

The design of polytunnel canopies allows for efficient rainwater harvesting. It is possible to integrate rainwater collection systems, enabling commercial operations to utilise natural resources sustainably while reducing reliance on external water sources.


Biodiversity Enhancement:

By incorporating polytunnel canopies into their facilities, commercial operations can create microenvironments that support biodiversity. This aligns with commitments to fostering a balanced ecosystem and promoting environmental stewardship. Motorpoint have been at the forefront of such initiatives and have reaped benefits both environmentally and operationally.


Protecting Inventory:

Polytunnel canopies provide an extra layer of protection for vehicle inventory and services. Shielding vehicles from harsh weather conditions, such as extreme heat, heavy rain, or hail, ensures that the cars are maintained in optimal condition, reducing the need for extensive repairs.


Year-Round Availability:

The controlled environment created by polytunnel canopies allows operations to have a consistent inventory year-round. Regardless of seasonal weather fluctuations, customers can access a wide range of vehicles and services without compromise.


Cost-Efficient Maintenance:

With reduced exposure to the elements, vehicles under polytunnel canopies require less maintenance. This translates to cost savings for companies, contributing to overall operational efficiency.


Paving the way for sustainable ecological and economic business practices Motorpoint's strategic adoption of polytunnel canopies showcases their commitment to marrying innovation with sustainability. By reimagining traditional practices and embracing cutting-edge solutions, the company not only reduces its environmental impact but also sets a precedent for others in the automotive industry.


As Motorpoint continues to champion eco-friendly initiatives, their use of polytunnel canopies stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovative thinking. In an era where businesses are increasingly scrutinised for their ecological practices, Motorpoint's green journey is undoubtedly a roadmap for sustainable success and others are following suit to join a movement of environmentally aware, economically effective business operations.


Polygrow can support businesses by offering PVC canopies tailored to their unique needs. PVC canopies provide a range of benefits that can enhance the operations, customer experience, and overall efficiency of car businesses through weather protection that reduces maintenance costs and increases year-round sales. Polygrow can supply a range of single or multispan structures with customisable options and installation is quick, minimising disruption to business operations and customer service.

In summary, Polygrow's PVC canopies provide a holistic solution for industry such as car businesses, addressing weather challenges, enhancing customer experiences, and contributing to cost savings. By partnering with Polygrow, businesses can create an environment that not only protects their valuable inventory but also elevates their overall brand image and operational efficiency.

The result is a win-win situation for both the business and its customers.

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