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Mad March.....Polytunnels, Polytunnels, Polytunnels

Updated: Apr 1

Throughout March we have delivered #polytunnels, #pvccovers and parts to agricultural, industrial, leisure and charity projects across the North, South, East and West!! Customers have received Polygrow products in....







South Lanarkshire


We have been tasked with various design, manufacture and installation projects but this is a multi span sheep house for a client in Derbyshire. This structure added over 900 square meters of modern light covered space.

Having over 25 years combined experience in multi span tunnels we opted for a traditional type due to their robustness in agricultural settings. After supplying some visualisations to the client the go ahead was given.

Manufacturing of this project size takes a couple weeks and things to factor in are lead times for ordering bespoke parts, zinc plating of steel work and fittings etc and the making of the structure in our North Yorkshire workshop. Each structure is made to individual specification meaning we can adapt to the needs of each project this means you can select PVC colours and review designs throughout, ensuring that the structure meets both your needs and your budget.

Due to the nature of a Polytunnel and the light weight high tensile steel used, they tend to need a good weight in concrete to hold them down. Groundworks are a key part of the installation process and customers are encouraged to share site photos and work with us in the manufacturing process to make sure we can provide a product that will last.

Once the groundworks are complete, and the foundation tube concrete sets, the build can go ahead. Just to give some context, we are reliant on fairly settled weather for concreting and sheeting! There are other options for groundworks and these can be planned on a project by project basis.

The Installation process on this Derbyshire farm, from start to finish, took roughly 14 days. As we could not sheet the Polytunnel until the wind had dropped below 10mph we spent a few days off site waiting for the weather to break.

It was worth the wait, and we were extremely happy with the finished outcome. Agrishield Multispan complete!

The same process applies whether the project is agricultural, , commercial or leisure buildings.

Planning and Design....Ordering and Manufacturing......Installation and Follow Up are our key phases to ensure quality bespoke products that meet our high standards of reliability, cost effectiveness and aesthetics.

For more information about our products and design service please get in touch at

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