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5 Reasons why Lambing in a Polytunnel is so Popular

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Lambing in a polytunnel can provide a number of benefits for sheep farmers. Here is a shortlist of the top reasons why.

Weather Protection

A polytunnel can provide protection from the elements for both the ewes and their lambs, helping to reduce the risk of exposure to cold and wet weather. This can be particularly important for newborn lambs, as they are particularly vulnerable to hypothermia and other weather-related problems.

Controlled Environment

Work Efficiency


Flock Management

If you require more information on the polytunnel structures we offer, take a look at our livestock care information the Agri-Shield Polytunnel. These structures range from 18-30ft and are now available in a multispan for larger flocks.

You can Also Contact us to discuss your requirement further.


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