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Polytunnel Tapes



Anti-Hot Spot Tape: - When replacing Polythene on your tunnel, you are advised to replace the Anti-Hot Spot tape. Degradation in the Anti-hot spot tape will ead to the failure of your new cover and will increase the cost of future maintainance. 
AHST is available in multiple widths and in lengths of 9m 

For domestic polytunnels, a 35mm tape will cover all hoops including the gable hoops 

For agricultural and commercial polytunnels, we recomend that a 65mm wide tape is used on the gable end hoop and 35mm on all other hoops. 

Polythene Repair Tape: - Whether your polytunnel cover is ripped, or you have damaged it while installing, all is not lost! Polythene repair tape is a strong and reliable repair for small holes, rips and abrasive damage. This tape is also available in multiple widths to suit the repair you are needing to carry out. 

Anti-Hot Spot Tape

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Polythene Repair Tape

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