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Order Your Polytunnel Today:

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What's In The Box!

Your Home-Grown Classic comes with the following specifications :


  • Triple ridge system for superior strength & wind resistance. 

  • 35mm Z35 1.5mm Galvanised Tube 

  • 75mm x 50mm Pressure treated side rails.

  • Single Sliding timber door supplied on the front with the option to opt for a double on the 3.50m and above. You can also include a door on the rear of the tunnel

  • 75mm x 50mm pressure treated end frames

  • SolarGuard Anti Hot-spot Tape.

  • 180 Micron Sunmaster Diffused Polythene cover

  • Side Vents Include a Polythene curtain and monofilliment blind sewn to a PVC skirt​

Images are for reference only, final product may differ depending on size and spec

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