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Before you purchase your polytunnel, you may find these FAQ's helpful when looking for information relating to your purchase.

  • How big should I go?
    This is a very difficult question to answer, you will need to visit our livestock stock calculator to answer this as there are too many variables including use, flock size, and liveweight of the individual animal.
  • Does a polytunnel not get too hot for livestock?
    Polytunnels are used to house livestock worldwide, including Australia and New Zealand, especially for cattle. Providing there is sufficient airflow then a polytunnel is an ideal environment for livestock. The white polythene cover also provides 30-35% shading.
  • Do I need planning permission?
    In essence…..yes. As with all polytunnels and structures that are concreted to the ground we recommend that you contact your local planning authority for advice. We can supply a planning application drawings . We will charge a small fee for this which we later deduct from the final invoice price of your structure.
  • What structure do you offer to house sheep & cattle?
    Our Agri-Shield range of tunnels is avilable in three sizes and is perfectly suited to house sheep and cattle.
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