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Enquire About Your Multispan Polytunnel:

The Agri-Shield Multi span Polytunnel is based on our already proven concept and is designed to offer the maximum amount of covered space at a cost effective price. 


Please use the contact form below to send your enquiry through to the team. 

The Technical Bit. 

Any images are for reference only. Timber ends, Gates & roller blinds are optional extras.

Our Multispan Agri-Shield comes with the following specifications :


  • Triple ridge system on the ourter bays for superior strength & wind resistance. 

  • 60mm Z35 1.5mm Galvanised Tube with each bay.

  • 50mm Z35 3mm Galvanised Foundation tubes for superior rust resistance. 

  • 100mm x 50mm Pressure treated side rails.

  • Polygrow Designed Valley Gutter and Infill System 

  • 100mm x 75mm Pressure Treated end Frame Uprights 

  • SolarGuard Anti Hot-spot Tape.

  • 180 Micron Agri-Shield Polythene cover in white. Green & PVC also available  

  • Super strong stock netting system rated at 30KN break strain. 

Agri-Shield™ Polytunnel

We at POLYGROW have over 20 years of combined experience in manufacturing and installing polytunnels. We specialize in providing quick and practical solutions using the latest 3D visualization technology and fast turnaround manufacturing. Our extensive industry knowledge and experience allows us to offer the best solution for your livestock housing needs. No flock is too small or grand for us. We offer multiple roof cladding options for The Agri-Shield™, including traditional white polythene and super heavy duty 610GSM PVC. We pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing and specifications.

Scan view the Agri-Shield in 3D
Please Note: Close all open apps on your mobile phone for the item to render properly.
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Agri-Shield Multi-Span Concept
Agri-Shield Multi-Span Concept
Agri-Shield Multi-Span Foundations
Agri-Shield Multi-Span Legs
Agri-Shield Multi-Span Hoops
Agri-Shield Multi-Span Sheeting
Agri-Shield Multi-Span Complete
Agri-Shield Multi-Span Complete
Straw Everywhere
Agri-Shield Multi-Span Complete External
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